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I have been a traveler, seeker, and a rebel for most of my life, choosing to live by my truth and placing myself in situations and geographic locations that may not necessarily jive with what is accepted in, or expected from, Western society. My experiences in distant lands, both internal and external, have left me with many questions, insights, and perspectives, but mostly a lust to continue my quest for truth in the noisy confusion of life.

You might be asking yourself, what is the purpose of this blog and why is it any different? Well, it’s not any different, but I have started this blog as both a means to express my own insights and perspectives as well as to create a forum on topics and themes that relate to travel, culture, self-reflection, spirituality, and alternative living. Every week will have a theme where I will post a question or topic along with photographs that relate to that theme. My hope is that these posts will be of relevance to others – please comment on these posts and share your own perspectives and experiences. If there is a theme or topic you have considered that you would like to be discussed, please share. I look forward to the journey.

Happy seeking comrades!