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On a day-to-day basis, moment-to-moment, second-to-second, each one of us is presented with the opportunity to have our dreams come true. Every moment is a chance to learn, to share, to connect, and to love. The more we are aware of the opportunities the universe presents, and hands to us on a silver platter, the more we will come to see that reality manifests to meet our dreams, that is, when we are ready to face them.

It is unfortunate that the majority of us happen to be blind to the unconditional support of the universe. We continue on in our rituals, we are bitter for one reason or another – we hate our jobs, our boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with us, we can’t afford a new ipod, etc. etc. – yet we have little willingness to open ourselves to something different or learn from our situations. Why? Because we are afraid! We are afraid of change, we are afraid of failure, we are afraid of the void that might arise when we disconnect from our own unhappiness.

We all pray to our version of God for love, for courage, for a promotion, for this or that, yet when the universe presents us with the opportunity to develop love or courage or a promotion or this or that, we are blind to it because perhaps it was not the answer to the prayer we had envisioned. So we ignore it! The point is, there are countless opportunities to manifest our dreams, how they materialize may not be what we initially imagined, but our prayers are always answered, we just have to be open, flexible, and willing to throw our own s*it into the fan. The saying, “be careful what you wish for,” is indeed relevant!

My personal experience in this department happened a few years back when s*it literally did hit the fan and I realized I had nothing to do but surrender. Regardless of what I did, or regardless of how much I tried to resist change, it didn’t matter. I had the choice to either hide from the world or pray, so I prayed. I prayed to some God, to help me find the courage to face the world, to help me develop love, to give me strength. And something kind of magical happened.

All of my prayers were answered.

My prayers did not form as I had expected, which they rarely do, but I was open enough to the opportunities. I developed courage by facing my fears of heights and went bungee jumping, I developed love through forgiveness of past wrongdoings, and I developed strength when I spoke at my father’s funeral. Now, this is nothing special, and I am nothing special, I still have a plethora of fears that overtake me on a daily basis, I am merely trying to communicate that we can only create our dreams when we face what we are afraid of.

Our fears can feel miniscule or they can feel gigantic, but at the end of the day, they are all the same, they are all illusions we have created acting as barriers to our dreams. Whether it is letting go of an article of clothing that has sat in our closet for ten years or bungee jumping on the Nile River, facing fears opens the door to the universe, to magic, and to our truest selves.

So if you have a fear standing in your way, and we all do, know that you are not alone and that when you are ready to face it, the universe will support you and a reward will be waiting! “Every time we say Let there be! In any form, something happens.”

What are your fears? Big or small? Have you faced your fears? What happened? Share you stories friends!