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My reflections these days draw me to a book that came out years ago, a book called “the Secret.” We had two copies of this book in my household, probably an indication of my mother’s latest self-help book infatuation. This book was everywhere, it seemed to be some kind of “secret” code to a universe I had yet to tap into. Miracles had happened, I was told.

Years later, I reflect back on this book and though I don’t have a success story, I can share my own experience with the “secret” I found through listening to my internal voice, the voice that knows the ultimate “secret” and direction of life.

I can’t count the number of times I have had people tell me what to do and give advice through the phrases: “you SHOULD do this, well I WOULD do this, if I were in your situation this is what I WOULD do…etc etc.” Along the path of life, not so many people tell us to trust ourselves and listen to our core; we are told to do what we are told! Unfortunately, this isn’t much help.

I don’t know about you, but I became tired of listening to the voices of others and their judgments, though of course they all come with love and the best of intentions. So I sought quiet and solitude for a long time, and I was forced to listen to my own voice, SCARY. I asked myself: what are your biggest dreams? What do you love? What makes you happy on a daily basis? What is standing in the way of your dreams? Is it fear? Who is supportive of your dreams? Who is clouding your dreams?

I had to ask these questions for a long time before things became clear, but when they did, I knew they were coming from my own voice. I knew that my dreams to practice yoga, to write, and to take pictures were not coming from ego or my attempt to listen to others or “be” something, but rather they were coming from the source of my passion to understand and explore the world around me.

I set out my intentions to pursue these passions and I wrote my intentions down on a piece of paper when they were clear to me. I read them each day to myself, over and over and still do. They became my mantra. I didn’t say the mantra to gain anything, I said it because it was my truth, my conversation with God. Over a period of time, I noticed things begin to shift, in my career direction, in my relationships, and in my daily artistic expression. My days became filled with synchronicity, curiosity, and things I love and they continue this way. Of course I am not famous, I am not written up in the papers, but that is not the point is it?!

So, for those of you still reading this post, perhaps you have discovered this secret already. However, if you haven’t, here is the very simple formula I have found to be of use while discovering my creative dreams and yearnings and moving towards them:

–       Find time and space each day to be alone and to express yourself, even if it is five minutes sitting under a tree drawing, finding a silent space in your house to read a poem, or dancing to your favorite song. Whatever you feel like doing, do it and do it alone. Have happy time each day just for you!

–       Continue to ask yourself questions because it is fun and you are curious, not because you are attempting to find something. What is it that brings you the most joy? What makes you tick? What connects you to the universe? It doesn’t matter what it is, it can only be yours!

–       Surround yourself with inspiring people, people you look up to, people who believe in you and who are supportive of your aspirations. Nobody needs a downer or a critic as a friend or family member during this search, we already have enough of that in ourselves.

–       When your voice becomes clear, take a small sheet of paper and write your own mantra, your own prayer. If you need some ideas they can start with something like:

  • My intention is to express myself through…
  • My intention is to explore my…
  • My dream is to…

Paste it on your wall or put it somewhere special and sacred and read it to yourself each day when it’s convenient for you.

I share this post not because I am some kind of guru or self-help teacher, but because it is my own creative expression that has brought me here. I can’t give you any guarantees or refund policies, but I can say that the synchronicity that has unfolded for me has been pretty amazing.

Again, I leave you with a quote and some questions:

“Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.”

Do you believe in the power of intention? Do you have any stories you want to share? Opposing views?